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Dog Foods

We highly recommend ANNAMAET Dog Foods.

Annamaet is all natural. It's made with human grade chicken and brown rice.

For over 20 years we have chosen to feed Annamaet to our top winning show and field hounds at GEBEBA.

For more infomation about annamaet dog foods, go to

We stock ENCORE, EXTRA, ADULT & ULTRA in 8, 20 & 40# bags. Othr products available by special order.

Canine Design's Frequently Asked Questions.

Suzie can answer many of our frequently asked questions. Just scroll through the questions above and click on the question you want answered.

For your convenience, Below is a reference list of all the questions Suzie answers, but you'll need to click on them above to hear her response.

Do I need an appointment to have my dog groomed?

My dog needs his nails trimmed, what should I do?

How long will my pet be kept at the grooming shop?

Can I stay with my pet while he is being groomed?

Do you put my dog in a cage?

I heard drying cages are dangerous, do you use them?

Will you pluck the hair from my dogs ears?

What kind of shampoo do you use?

My dog has fleas, can you help us?

I found a tick on my dog, what do I do?

Do you clean teeth?

My dog was hit by a skunk, can you help?

My dog might bite, will you use a muzzle?

Why do you cut the hair away from the foot pads?

Will grooming stop my dog from shedding?

Its flea and tick season. Take control now.

For the immediate removal of fleas from your pet, we recommend CAPSTAR

Sold in single dose packaging.

For monthly control of fleas and ticks on dogs and cats, we recommend FRONTLINE PLUS

Sold in 3 and 6 packs.